5 thoughts on “Podcast: Episode 16

  1. Lotz, I have been putting off the podcasts for lack of time, but when I saw this one and only 9 something, I couldn’t resist.
    If Newton’s writings are dry due to the his recording of experiments and details and scientific nature, the topics that he investigated are fascinating. Your podcast is lively, well done, and a pleasure to listen to. I will be listening to more and recommending them too.
    Keep doing this, you have a talent for it.
    I thought about The Clockwork Universe, probably the best book about Newton and his contemporaries written by a scientist and very apt writer for the scientific ignorant public such as me. I even understood the scope and significance of his new science when I read it.

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    1. Thanks for listening! I have a copy of the Clockwork Universe which I hope to read someday soon. I’m hoping to a podcast series about Spain when I finish up with some more book reviews.


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