I am a reader, writer, traveler, and English teacher from New York.


My childhood was spent in Sleepy Hollow, home of the famous legend, where I successfully avoided supernatural decapitation and survived primary and secondary schooling. Hoping to study chemistry, I went to Stony Brook University in Long Island. There I took an anthropology course as part of the core curriculum, became fascinated with the subject, and soon switched my major. I enjoyed two study abroad trips to Africa—to Kenya and Tanzania—and completed an honors thesis on Tanzanian music.


After graduation, I worked in Manhattan for two years, until the Wanderlust inspired by anthropology came back to bite me. Soon I found myself on a plane to Madrid to become an English teacher. Meanwhile, to fill the intellectual void left by university, I began reading in my spare time. This habit soon became an addiction, taking up my every available moment. My reading problem eventually became a writing problem, as I wrote ever longer and more detailed book reviews. Soon I found myself writing essays and even fiction, which of course alarmed me and my mother.

Writing is what ties all my interests together—reading, traveling, teaching, learning, philosophy, and literature—and if this blog does one thing, I hope it serves as an outlet to practice the craft.

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