2 thoughts on “Quotes & Commentary #73: Keynes

  1. That is an interesting analysis and I can’t really comment on it directly.

    But just in the general topic I feel like commenting.

    It seems particularly unethical of me to sit here and go my life has hardly been affected at all. At work, sure we have to wear protective gear, so I feel that affect a little bit and I feel a little bit concerned about my exposure.
    But honestly I’m not that concerned about getting it. So, that kind of attitude I’m finding really makes people nervous because they think I don’t care or something like that. Fortunately I’m in the business of empathy and so I am able to, I hope, understand why people are so distraught and affected.

    Anyways. It is interesting to me that 11,000 drug attic’s can die of an overdose in the same three months in America and we get pretty much zero response from our society.

    I was talking to a doctor friend of mine and he basically said, well it’s that’s not the same because doing drugs is a choice. I just looked at him in disbelief, how ignorant and privileged his life must be.

    But still, this really goes to numbers and how we might feel that we have an ability to affect death.

    I’m not sure why we feel so afraid and compelled to save us from coronavirus, as well that it’s an ethical failure to not want to do so, and yet the 110 thousand people who have died of cancer so far this year, if I have a little opinion upon it I don’t get condemned morally.

    And I’m kind a meeting this to say that given any creative time all sorts of people will die from all sorts of reasons and it’s interesting how we attach various ethical components to the various types of deaths.

    And the coronavirus seems the most natural of them all. And yet we respond to it with the greatest ethical imperative.

    Cancer we could say was caused by our society. Drug addiction as well. Murder and gun death rates. We pretty much have to twist peoples arms in order to care anything about these things on a day-to-day basis.

    But nature throws something at us and all the sudden we are super unethical if we don’t feel bad about a bunch of people dying.

    I agree in general with what your post is kind of saying, that I don’t envy those people either, but at the same time I have to wonder if I should be judging those people on their decisions about the opiate crisis.

    It just seems like such a huge contradiction. And here I’m pretty much not caring whether or not I get it or not. I mean sure, I don’t want to get sick and yes I am implementing all the precautions that I can without being obsessive. But in that effort I also kind of figure I’m doing the best I can and then if I get it, oh well. Yes I just had the flu not too long ago and I had 104 temperature and it was probably the worst I’ve felt in 10 years. It was absolutely horrendous. And sure, that’s gonna suck if I get coronavirus for sure no doubt. But if I recover from it then yay. And if I die from it then, who really cares. I’m gone. Problem solved.

    I do feel for the people who have family members that they have to be concerned with, and that’s really where I feel I can help the most. To help people navigate that kind of ethical imperative that somehow is contradictory to how we’ve been living, but without posing upon them that kind of judgment.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I do sympathize with your feeling that people are treating coronavirus deaths as more egregious than other types of deaths. I hope, at least, that after all this is done, we do our best to prevent things like overdoses and shootings too.


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